Colab is an app designed to make your creative life, easier. Producing great creative work is defined not just by your skills, but by the team around you. 

That’s where Colab comes in.

Colab allows you to connect with industry talent based on location, professions and common interests.

The Open Casting feature lets you apply for jobs posted by other Colabs looking to fill their team. You can also post your own jobs, to fill skill gaps within you own team. With Open Casting, you can target other Colab’s by their profession, allowing you to find the perfect model, stylist, photographer and more.

Colab also comes with project management functionality, which acts as your Digital Call Sheet. Keeping every member of the project across the details, conversations, tasks and mood-boards.

Your individual profile screen lets other users see your name and profession along with your Colab Star Rating. It also allows you to upload portfolio images to your profile directly from Instagram.

You can connect directly with existing Colab members within the app, or invite friends and colleagues to join Colab via a shareable link.

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Our app has been designed specifically for the photography industry.
And, it’s free to use and download on iOS.

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