Colab, the producer in your pocket

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Colab—the hand-held, social platform made by creatives, for creatives, is set to empower a new generation of talent, on both sides of the lens and beyond.

Crossing the boundaries of a massive and disconnected landscape, Colab helps those looking to make their mark on the fashion industry, established professionals and even major brands connect directly in a meaningful way. Powered through Instagram, it’s not only free to join, but easy to set up.

Says Ren Pidgeon, fashion photographer and Colab co-founder, “The aim of Colab is to help people in our industry connect, create and take control of their work and their careers, without the middleman. As a photographer myself, this is what I have been waiting for—I can’t wait to use it.“

At the core of the app is the ability to create an ‘Open Casting’. Users can list their project on the app and create a digital talent call. Fellow Colab users can view the roles required and apply.

“There are times when I’ve been traveling or if I need to organise a shoot with a quick turn-around, that something like this would be a godsend” continues Pidgeon. “That way I wouldn’t have to spend time chasing talent, they’d contact me.”

Another key element of the app is the ‘Connect’ feature. Which allows Colab users to connect, build relationships and start collaborating immediately, or in the future.

“It’s all about connecting in the most efficient way” says co-founder John Pantzopoulos. My experience in the world of advertising and marketing is that the decision makers are generally time poor, especially those working for a brand. With our Connect feature, you can build a rapport with photographers, models, make-up artists and so on, ahead of time. So when a job comes up, you’ve already got someone you can contact in mind.”

Much more than a matchmaker, Colab is also designed to be your ‘producer in your pocket’. Allowing users to manage projects through ‘Digital Call Sheets’ out of the palm of their hand; whether in Melbourne or Milan, through an in-built GPS locator.

Says Aaron Tobin, co-founder, “Our initial launch is going to be a rather exclusive one, to a smaller audience in Australia only. What we really want to do at this point is to ensure that we continue to enhance the product in line with user expectations, behaviour, and needs. That said, we have already started discussions with media partners in the States and in Europe to ensure we have truly global footprint.”

To encourage trial of the new product, Colab will run a competition upon launch, offering one lucky model the opportunity to win a suite of professional headshots, shot by prominent Australian photographer and Colab co-founder, Ren Pidgeon.

“Exposure is what everyone needs. This industry is all about that small break. It just takes one of these to land and your career can change in hours. We want to bring one of these opportunities to our users,” says Pidgeon.

“We have so many amazing talented creative people out there and we can’t wait to see what incredible work comes to life through the connections Colab creates. We all work in this industry, we love our work, and we genuinely want to help people build their careers. We believe in that, 100 percent.”

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