How to view/approve Open Casting applications

Accessible through the project screen Here you’ll find every application for an open casting project. 

Applications listed by newest to oldest and can be sorted by profession, if you have multiples.

The applicant view can be switched from list view to expanded view by toggling between the two icons in the left half of the green bar. Expanded view will show the applicants folio images. You can also expand individual profiles by swiping on a Colab in list view and tapping the downward arrow.

Applicants can be approved by tapping the grey tick icon, in both list view and expanded view. Once an applicant is approved, they’ll be added to the project. They’ll receive a notification and the project will be visible to them in their project archive.

Applicants can be deleted from the applicant pool by tapping the “X” icon. In list view this is accessible by swiping on the Colab’s name. And in the expanded view, the “X” icon will be visible under their folio.